Why Custom Printing Fabric is The Best For You?

For quite some time now, the screen-printing fabric was the technology used if you wish to apply colour to fabric. This process was suited to medium to large runs. Conversely, the rotary screen-printing was tried for high volumes of series. The setup costs to engrave and produce the screens were quite high, but because of the size of runs, they were the most economical.

No matter what techniques used, it is not inexpensive for small runs. This made the small runs extremely expensive due to high set up costs, and in the flag and banner market, small runs were usually either hand printed or embroidered.

This technique was applied before custom printing fabric was introduced. Digital printing fabric has offered fabric printing a new notion wherein small runs can be economical. As a result of constant research of fabric manufacturers, there is now a different level for digital fabric painting.

This has made great results in fabrics, and you can check this out in a wide array of applications. However, there is a need for ongoing development and analysis for printing in this fabric. As a result, you can be sure that there would have been a good performance of the fabric when it is applied to different digital printing machines using various kinds of inks.

For you to get the best from your ink and machine, a great deal of chemistry is needed when you are going to print fabrics with the use of dye-sub water-based direct to polyester textiles. Because of this, you can get a colourful and high definition print on any kinds of fabric.

Fabric most likely produces the best results advances in UV inks signifies that results have improved significantly in recent years.

You can now make use of the inks for textile printing. Plus, having latex ink technology lets us know that there are now inks which can be useful for textiles. This is more evidence of the significance of fabrics for digital printing where textile is replacing traditional media such as PVC. Because of this, machine and ink manufacturers have favoured this change.

Current development has seen the creation of two eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable fabrics referred to as Gossyp (cotton) and Chorus (jute). Custom printing fabric that is compostable and bio-degradable is becoming a growing number of essential as landfill taxes always rise and not forgetting that polyesters fabrics can be reused. This is especially very important to those companies who are conscious of the growing need for more green products.

Digital printing entails the use of specific inks. The inks are safe to use with an array of fibres such as nylon, cotton, silk, lycra, spandex, polyester and other custom-made fabrics. Rollers are used to feed the fabric to the printer, which then sprinkles tiny drops of ink onto the fabric. Unlike the traditional screen printing, digital printing can be used to print different styles and patterns on a single fabric at a lesser cost.

Another stunning printing technique used here is the sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is a computer-aided digital printing technique that helps in offering high definition and impressive prints. It entails developing designs and patterns using computer tools; then with the help of mechanical pressure and heating techniques, these astounding prints get imprinted on the fabric. With the help of computer tools, Digital printing company can confidently experiment with any colour combinations, styles, and any themes to surpass customer expectations.

Unlike the traditional methods, the techniques as mentioned above come with plenty of advantages. One of the main benefits of using digital technologies is the array of designs prints offered. For example, sublimation provides a vast spectrum of colour combinations and choices to choose from.

Another positive is the durability of the prints. Ink printed fabrics are known to retain their richness in the colour print and does not fade even after excessive washing. Our ink is converted to ink during the heat transfer process. As such, the tones blend into each other, creating durable and unique photographic prints that are unmatched by any printing process.

The use of superior technology has lowered the cost of production. This has allowed us to offer our printing services at competitive prices compared to others. Additionally, the use of technology has allowed us to cater for individuals as well as corporations. You can now get a high precision printed fabric as a gift to your loved one or use them as branding.

In case you wish to print your fabrics then digital printing is the best way that you should go for. Try it today and see how wonderful it will be. So many people have tried it why not you?