The Reason To Buy Designer Tote Bags

Designer tote bags must be proud of their achievement because today, tote bags become popular as the disposable shopping bags. The reason is the lightweight of the tote. However, it will be not a thing to be proud if the tote bags are made by paper and plastic. You need to use reusable bags because of these causes:

  • A plastic bag needs 15 to 1,000 years to break down. It depends on the environment and it is applied for a paper bag. A plastic bag does not biodegrade. Therefore, if a plastic bag breaks down through photodegradation, it will be the toxic particles.
  • A plastic bag causes confusion for sea animals because they think the small particles of it is plankton and jellyfish. The plastic blocks the digestive tract in the animals and it makes them starve to death. Since plastic is cheap designer bags, most people keep to use it although it makes other animals drown.
  • The high cost to recycle plastic bags. Therefore, instead, to recycle them, it will be easier to make them as the rest of the trash. They become toxic into the water and soil. Even in the United States is stated that 2% of the rough plastic bags, the fact is it will not give the perfect solution.
  • As cheap designer bags, plastic bags are lightweight and they will fly away easily to the trees, clutter beaches, and block the storm drains. These bags make up more than 10% of washed-up debris, but the most scream fact is their source that plastic bags are made from natural gas and petroleum products.
  • Even the custom paper tote bags are not better because it takes 13% more energy to make a paper bag. A paper bag could be two plastic bags. How many trees should be cut to make paper bags? It reduces our oxygen source then.
  • Paper bags release toxins into the atmosphere and the rate is almost the same as plastic bag production. In addition, paper bags production influence the high temperatures and the use of chemicals. These are bad for the environment. Paper bags are cheap designer bags too, but they are heavier 10 times from plastic. It means the ship needs more fuel to distribute it.
  • Only 20% of paper bags are recyclable.

Now, some grocery stores offer discounts to customers who do not use plastic bags. Some stores give the designer tote bags as the gift if the customers purchase their product. The hope behind this strategy is to replace the plastic bag with reusable bags. The consumer could use the bag for something else in the future and the design is too good to throw away.

The bags will have good durability because everything that could be the trash is bad. researchers now should think about how to make the reusable bags become attractive and no one will easily put them in the trash can. Minimize the trash also help the environment and save our nature.