3 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Hairdo

First impressions, they say, are very important because they leave a lasting impression on many people. Moreover, many people choose to like or avoid people right after the very first meeting. Therefore, choosing a hairdo for any occasion must be done carefully, as they are considered an integral part of one’s appearance, accentuating a person’s features, but what are the most important factors to consider when choosing a hairdo?

The Shape Of Your Face

The human race is known for its diversity. Some are tall while others aren’t tall. Human skin color is actually a spectrum that spans from a color white as ivory, through yellowish skin, to chocolate or jet black skin. We can also talk about the shape of the human face, a factor often overlooked by many men and women when choosing a hairdo. Height and skin color may be important when choosing a hairdo, but by far, the most important factor is the shape of one’s face.

When choosing a hairdo consider the shape of your face before choosing it. The shape of the human face can be classified into three. Namely, oval face, long face, and lastly square face. Men with round faces, for example, may want to wear their hair thick at the top and thin at the sides in order to create a desirable chiseled face. Women with round faces may want to have layers with longer hair in order to add definition to their face. They may want to add a bob or let the hair flow past their shoulders. The point is not every hairstyle is appropriate for every facial shape.

Types of Hairdo

In order to choose the right hairdo for an occasion, one must familiarize oneself with the types of hairdos available. One good way to do this is to speak to an expert. Next time you go to a barber or your hair-stylist, take a few minutes to learn the various hairstyles that are available. You may think this comes naturally, but an interaction with a hairstylist would prove otherwise. Another great way to learn the different types of hairdos is subscribing to magazines on hairstyles or other beauty issues. Taking a few days to do this would do wonders for you in the days ahead.

Match the Hairdo to the Outfit

With several hairdos available, choosing the right one for an occasion can be a bit of a headache. In choosing a hairdo for an occasion, consider the outfit you will be putting on. Not every hairdo is appropriate for a particular outfit. Therefore, choosing the wrong hairdo can unmake you. For instance, lacy dresses are the most romantic and therefore require an equally romantic hairdo to match. For a lacy dress, choose a loose, wavy hairdo and add flowers to match, and then twist it a few times in the back. With a one shouldered dress, try a ballerina bun which would tie all your hair above your head because of the bold dramatic appearance of a one shouldered dresses. Having said this, it should be clear that in choosing a particular hairdo the outfit must be taken into consideration.

When you do all the above, your confidence would increase, and choosing from the myriad of hairdos available would no longer be a headache.