Hats Are Here To Stay

Are you interested in adding another hat to your collection this year? Hats are back in fashion again and if you’re planning on keeping up with the latest fashion trends then let’s take a walk down memory lane and sit down for a little hat history 101.

In the beginning, or the dawn of the hats, women were expected to have their heads covered. This is the first historical evidence of head-coverings or “hats”. It wasn’t until the 1830’s where women began wearing hats as a fashion accessory. Women wore large bonnets adorned with feathers, lace, or artificial flowers.

Then, at the turn of the century, the 1900’s featured wide brimmed hats with intricate designs – elaborately adorned with flowers, ribbons, feathers, and sometimes even birds! But, after the Second World War, hats became a thing of the past. No longer were women wearing hats as a fashion accessory – instead dawning sunglasses to protect their eyes, believe hats no longer to be necessary.

The fashion industry struggled to try and breathe life back into the hat industry but by 1960 hats had become a total thing of the past. Unfortunately, hats were simply out of style and there was no knowing if they were ever coming back.

But here we are, finally in the 21st century and hats have made a return with a vengeance. Hats of all styles are being worn and accepted as fashion accessories. Women are wearing hats in all seasons, Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring, you name it. Some have a different hat for each season.

If you’re looking to get a hat but you’ve fallen behind on the latest fashion trends, that’s okay – there’s no need to get worried. Hats of all kinds have come into fashion recently, and almost every different kind of hat is trendy, in and fashionable.

The most popular hats for women in the summer are straw hats with a wide brim, fabric hats with a wide brim, fedoras, and simple fitted baseball caps. Continuing into the fall where fitted caps will be worn on the colder days and sun hats with a wide brim can be worn on those warmer autumn days. In the winter, fitted hats, beanies, and faux-fur caps.

Head wear for women has always been a part of human history. From traditional head wear to cover the hair, to exotic and elaborate fashion accessories, to simple baseball caps, hats have always been worn for comfort and style in any season. With all sorts of designs and colors, it’s simple to uniquely add a hat to your wardrobe.

Hats are back, and here to stay. If you’ve fallen off the fashion train, it’s simple and easy to get back on. Just buy yourself a hat. You can’t go wrong with any choice you make. It’s as simple as a fitted baseball cap in the summer and a woven fitted hat in the winter! With all sorts of colors and styles to choose from you can be sure to never run out of choices to match all your various outfits and accessories.