Dressy Casual


Dress: A shirt dress or a sweater dress can appear refined and relaxed at once.

Blouse or button-down shirt: You can’t go wrong with a crisp, classic top. Add a blazer to dress the look up a notch or two.

Dark denim: Unfaded indigo or black jeans can make an outfit feel instantly more evening-appropriate.

“Going-out top”: These shirts – often constructed from synthetic materials and sometimes bought cheaply from fast-fashion stores – are meant to make a casual look a little more club-ready. Ultimately, a going-out top is anything that makes you feel good.

Jumpsuit: It’s a stylish one-piece alternative to the dress that can be scaled for elegance. Boiler suits in particular are very trendy this year.


Sneakers: unless they are very clean and not the type you would wear to the gym

Shorts: just don’t.

Where Dressy Casual is Appropriate

  • A first date
  • Most nights out with friends (unless the dress code is explicit).